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Paraphilia: Males and Females

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What is paraphilia?

“Para” means ‘beyond’, and “philia” means love. This includes Fetishism, Transvestism, Zoophilia, Podophilia, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Sexual Masochism, Sexual Sadism, and others. They are more common in males than among females.

Fetishism: the condition in which a person is dependent on a talisman or fetish object, substance, or part of the body in order to obtain erotic arousal and facilitate or achieve orgasm.

Transvestism: behaviorally, the act of dressing in the clothes of the opposite sex; psychically, the condition of feeling compelled to cross-dress, often in relation to sexual arousal and attainment of orgasm.

Zoophilia: the condition of being responsive to, or depending on, sexual activity with an animal in order to obtain erotic arousal and facilitate orgasm; also known as bestiality. Sexual contact (oral or genital) with an animal may occur sporadically in the course of human development without leading to long-term zoophilia.

Pedophilia: the condition in which an adult is responsive or dependent on the imagery or actuality of erotic/sexual activity with a pre-pubertal or early pubertal boy or girl, in order to obtain erotic arousal and facilitate or achieve orgasm. A pedophiliac may be a male or a female. Pedophilic activity may be replayed in fantasy during masturbation or copulation with an older partner.

Exhibitionism: the condition of being responsive to or dependent on the surprise, debasement, shock, or outcry of stranger (usually female) unexpectedly exposed to the sight of the genitals, in order to obtain one’s erotic arousal and facilitate or achieve orgasm. The actual event may be replayed in a masturbation or coital fantasy.

Voyeurism: It is also called as scoptophilia. The desire to observe the genital of others or to watch sexual intercourse becomes the condition of erotic excitement and gratification. A voyeur is also known as a “peeping Tom.” The actual event may be replayed in masturbation or a coital fantasy.

Masochism: the condition of being responsive to or being dependent on receiving punishment and humiliation in order to obtain erotic arousal and facilitate or achieve orgasm. As the partner of a sadist, a person may impersonate a masochist for commercial gain, within the limits set by the pain threshold.

Sadism: the condition of being responsive to or dependent on punishing or humiliating one’s partner in order to obtain erotic arousal and facilitates orgasm. A person, especially a woman, may impersonate a sadist to oblige masochistic partners for commercial gain.

Frottage: rubbing or pressing against some object, usually the buttocks of a fully clothed woman, in public places, becomes the condition for sexual excitement.

Gorontophilia: the condition in which one prefers to obtain sexual gratification from an elderly person.

Necrophilia: in this condition, gratification is obtained by indulging in sexual activity with a corpse.

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Parents Reaction to Masturbating Child

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How should parents react to their child’s masturbation ?

Parents are usually disturbed when they find out that their child indulges in masturbation. They should understand that this is a normal stage of psychosexual development and a normal expression of childhood sexuality for males and females. It is neither indicative of psychopathology nor of potentially preferential homosexuality in adulthood. They should be very careful not to arouse any fear in the child by scolding or punishing him or making a big issue out of it. In particular the child should not be told any anxiety provoking statements such as, masturbation will damage his sex life or make him insane or lead to genital dysfunction or deformity. Parents should realize that as the child develops it will continue to have strong sexual urges, he/she will be more expressive about his/her sexuality, and will need to find some manner of release. Parents should realize that any anxiety provoking statements at this crucial incipient developmental stage will be detrimental to the child’s psyche. They should provide their constructive support if and when the child solicits it, doing no more; otherwise antagonism and failure are likely. The wisdom of this should be apparent to anyone who reflects upon his personal childhood memories.

Does masturbation lead to curvature of the penis?

No. Just as intercourse does not lead to any curvature of the penis, so also masturbation does not lead to any curvature.

Is semen vital? Does dissipation of semen devitalize a man and promote aging?

Semen is being secreted day in and day out by the genital apparatus. Sperms constitute less than one. percent of seminal fluid, the rest of the fluid is the secretion of the accessory sexual glands, prostate & seminal vesicles. It is being formed for being excreted and cannot be stored even if one wants to do so. Barring conception, semen is not vital. That one drop of semen is equal to hundred drops of blood, which in turn requires a lot of nourishing food, is one of the most rampant sexual myths prevalent.

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